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Make It Monday: Gold & Glitter Shoes

Monday, July 29, 2013

It's been a little over a month since my mother told me she needed my thrifty/crafty talents. I was given a task : find a pair of shoes that were gold and covered in gold glitter. Trying to find out what type of shoe she wanted was like pulling teeth, and I kept finding loads of sparkly shoes on my various trips to the 2 big thrift stores by me...

...but they were either a) the wrong color, b) not the right size, or c) had a super high and skinny heel.

Then I found these pale tan babies. I sent off a photo to my mom and told her that I could paint them and cover them in glitter. For $5 - it was about to go down!

I started by covering the heals in painters tape and filling the inside with newspaper. I pulled out my trusty gold spray paint (that I used here on a tiki jar and a stegosaurus).

They dried overnight and the following evening, I started putting glue on the shoes and covering them with glitter. I only did one shoe at first cause I wasn't sure how the glitter was going to hold up - and it was late in the evening, which is why the lighting is pretty terrible in some of these (apologies!)

We weren't really concerned with how well they were going to hold out - they were for a fundraiser dance and that would be the last time she ever wore them. I still didn't want glitter to go EVERYWHERE, so I clear coated them before packing them in a shoe box (that took up half of my suitcase).

We landed in New York and got out to my Mom's... and I was impressed with how well they held up to being tossed around.

These were a huge success and I look forward to painting more shoes in the future!!

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