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Make It Monday : The Cake is Not a Lie!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome to another Make It Monday! Last week, I did some more baking for my buddies at work. They were "angry" that I brought in more goodies, but were happy to oblige in eating said goodies. Because we're all a bit on the geeky/nerdy side (and especially since every time I bring in a cake, someone always has to say "The Cake is a Lie"), I decided to have fun and make a PORTAL CAKE!

Portal is a pretty awesome game, and if you like puzzle games - this game is right up your alley! In a nutshell, you move through a series of puzzles that must be soled by using the portal gun - which creates a visual and physical connection between two different locations in three-dimensional space.

It's a super fun and hysterical game, albeit very short.

Throughout the game, you hear and see references to a 'cake' at the end of all the levels. "The Cake is a Lie" is also referenced many many times in your environment - presumably by test subjects before yourself.

Portal and the cake is © 2013 Valve Corporation

ANYWAY, on to the cake:

As you can see in the game screenshot above (the first image), there is a crunchy exterior. To achieve that effect, I had some fun and used COCOA PEBBLES (which in hindsight, was a fabulous idea!!!)

The timing of the cake worked out well, because one coworker's birthday was a few days before - and he's a big gamer (and he's the one we made cut the cake for a photo-op!).

The cake was a hit - and was pretty delicious!


  1. I've never heard of that game, but that cake looks AMAZING! The idea to put cocoa pebbles on it? just plain genius! Will definitely have to do that soon!


  2. That cocoa puffs crust is GENIUS! Also, although our cake was purple, during the cake cutting ceremony during our wedding we played "Still Alive" as a joke for all our gamer friends.


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