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Make It Monday : Laminate Tile Desk Cover

Monday, August 12, 2013

Good morning, it's Monday - which means it's time for another Make It Monday!!
I'm on a roll - 3 of them in a row!

In a never-ending attempt to organize my office, my massive desk has been at the very heart of every re-organization that my office has gone through. It's technically two IKEA Linnmon table tops put together to make one giant kaiju of a desk (yes, I said kaiju - ie. giant monster - and yes, I saw Pacific Rim). Put together like this, the desk measures 78" x 48"...ish. (78¾" x 47¼")

When we moved >cough< last March >cough<, the desks did not make it to the new apartment in one piece. Someone's foot when through the top of one of the desks, and said person decided to try to hide it. There were also a ton of other scuffs and scratches in the same table top - the other table made it safely. After settling in, I filled the gap with expanding foam and painted the top black.

Unfortunately, it was VERY noticeable. Both from the uneven-ness of the top as well as the paint. I tried covering the whole thing with contact paper, but that didn't work out well - both because of the material and the seams. But I knew I wanted to cover the desk with something...

So when I saw Erin from How to Nest for Less cover her craft table with laminate flooring, a light bulb went off in my head. I didn't want anything dark though. My office doesn't get a whole lot of natural light, and that giant black desk sucks all the light out of the room as it is...

I went to Home Depot, looked around a bit, priced out some stuff... and waited. My cheapest option was going to be $30, and we've had other things going on, so it was going to have to wait longer.

Until, one day while grocery shopping at Aldi, I passed by the clearance rack and saw a couple of boxes of laminate tile. Most were dark... and then there was this beauty!

Take a look at that price! Yes, that says 75 CENTS - now THAT is in my price range! Haha

I did a quick count to make sure all of the tiles were in there, and this bad boy came home with me... and then proceeded to sit in the trunk of my car for over a month. Until last weekend, when I decided to get my butt in gear and get moving on the revamp!

I did have to cut down the tiles to fit, and I wanted to make sure there was still a seam where the two desks meet, so when they have to come apart, it doesn't destroy the tiles. But that wasn't so bad.

sorry it's so dark - the sun went away by the time I finished. 

Once I was done, I set my computer up (that I haven't touched in forever)! Now, everytime I walk in my office I smile! It looks wonderful!!

This was just part 1 in my office revamp, and this past weekend, I worked hours on organizing and cleaning. So more pictures will come as I progress!

Thanks for visiting!

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