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New Earring Holder

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I completed this last month after my poor Earring Lantern became too full to hold anymore earrings. I'd been looking into large earring holders to buy, or for inspiration to build one of my own.

I went into the Thrift Store and was fortunate to find these two wall-hanging dvd shelves. This is exactly what I needed to see. For $2 a piece, I couldn't say no - no earring holder I could buy would come close to that price.

I spray painted them white and hung it up - simple!

I ventured into the same Thrift Store a few weeks ago and found a third one that matched exactly... but I didn't get it. These two are getting kinda full as it is... I don't think I need a third - just for it to be empty and tempting me to buy or make new earrings!

Only problem right now... is coming up with a place for my studs. For now, they're still hanging out on the Lantern.

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