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DIY : Earring Lantern

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I signed up for Craftaholics Anonymous gift exchange and got the information for the woman I'm making something for. I sent out my information to her this morning, and have started collecting ideas on what to make for her. >think< >think< >think< I've also made some preliminary sketches that I'll post up here after I finish everything.

At least it will get me posting some crafty things on here!

SPEAKING of crafty things - I've had this one project that I meant to post up here for a while. Now is the PERFECT time!

I made this Lantern/Earring Holder about a year ago. I found this glorious Lantern in Michaels on sale for $9. I bought some Plastic Canvas in clear & black and used the clear for this particular DIY.

Basically, I took the glass out, cut the plastic canvas down to size (A) and glued it inside (B). The door became the home for my earring studs (C) so I could easily get to the backs (D). When I made this, I only had hanging earrings (E), and the plastic canvas is perfect for them to perch on. A year later, and many many new earring purchases later, ALL six sides of this lantern are filled to the brim (F). One benefit of this particular lantern is there is a gap between the "lid" and the sides, which is great for hair clips (G). The carrying loop I use for earrings that can't be clipped in the sides (H).

As I said, this thing is now FULL. When I initially made it, it was full, but not so crowded. I think it's too crowded at this point, so I'm going to move to a new method of organizing my earrings. That means I may be selling this lantern in the near future!

I feel terrible that I slept through most of my weekend. My coworkers told me yesterday that it might be allergies - so I got Gadget to pick me up some Claritin on his way home. So far, it's working pretty well, so I'm gonna assume it WAS allergies.

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