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Galaxy Print Inspiration

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Incoming!! Galaxy print is all over the place right now, made famous by one, Christopher Kane.

And tons of wonderful craftsters are taking it upon themselves to recreate this new fashion trend in various ways. I've seen nail art, shoe art, shirts, dresses, skirts, even tights!

Well, I've had this wonderful black dress that I've been holding onto because it somehow got two bleach spots on it... considering I don't use bleach for anything, it really upset me and I want to know where it came from!!

I had plans to bleach it and redye it another color perhaps... but now I think I'm going to do a galaxy print. And not because of the fad either. I love astronomy, always have. I kicked butt in my Astronomy class in high school.

So I looked around and saw different people's techniques on this to see which outcome I like most and which I would go with... and I've gathered the best ones to share with you all.

A // Galaxy Handbag and Heels by Kristen of Studs and Pearls.
Now hers is mostly glue and glitter, which won't work for my dress, but I love the swirling colors.

B // Galaxy Skirt by Sammi Jackson.
I love the finished look! I like the idea of using a sponge technique.

C // Galaxy Print Tees by Gwen of This Fashion is Mine.
Gathering the fabric in a spiral is a really great idea.

D // Galaxy Jeans by NoƩmie of The Sun was High.
This fellow astronomy lover has the most realistic version of a DIY Galaxy print I've seen. And I love the look of the black cuff at the bottom.

E // Galaxy Dress by Stacie of Stars for Streetlights
This is actually a very similar dress to the one I'll be doing. I love her big bursts of white. She also has tutorials on a Galaxy Shirt and Galaxy Scarf.

F // Galaxy Tee by Amanda via Ashley's blog, Wise Rabbit Says
She does the swirling method as well, and the idea to dilute the bleach has been noted.

These girls are all my inspiration. And soon, I'll start working on the dress!


  1. LOVE these, especially the shoes and the dress.

  2. What great inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing


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