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Blog Redesign // FDWoodward

Friday, September 27, 2013

I don't get a chance to share a lot of the design work that I do in any given day (as I have a full-time graphic design job doing things that I can't share), but finally - here's something I CAN SHARE! A few months back, a college friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was looking to revamp her blog's look and design. I jumped at the opportunity!

Felicia is a fantastic artist - she's so colorful and adorable and the original design definitely matched. Her primary focus of her blog was her artwork but she wanted to add a few more topics. And in so doing, she wanted to retain the electric pink and yellow look but wanted to move in a more minimal direction with a hint of whimsy. When she mentioned that she loved argyle, something in my brain clicked and I had an idea for some social media buttons... and a design was born!

I put together a little style guide to show how I was imagining everything working together, and with some input from Felicia, I moved forward!

So here's a little glance of the design as a before and after:


I can't explain how much different this is, not only from anything else I design on a daily basis (I work for a engineering company... I'm sure you can imagine) but from anything I've really designed, ever. Coding this was insane! I'm proficient in HTML and coding responsive designs, but working the responsive code into Blogger was a bit of a challenge, but I think I nailed it! It translate well to different screen sizes and other devices.

A big Thank You to Felicia for letting me be a part of this blog redesign! You should definitely head over to her blog and check out her artwork - show her some love, and of course see the new design and get a real feel for how it works.

If you're looking for design work, or even a blog redesign of your own, send me an email. I've got a couple of big projects going on right now (that are in their final stages), but I'd love to work with you!


  1. oh, i do love the blog design! i love the yellow background!

    lindsey louise


  2. SUPER LATE- But thank you so much for all your hard work on this! It looks AWESOME I can't believe this is my blog!


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