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Fake Wedding Surprise : The Most Epic Work Prank

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I work with some pretty fantastic people.  The type of people that I gladly hang out with outside of work; one such person is June*.  Keep in mind during this whole post that this is not the first prank that we've played on her... 

So June went away for a week to Las Vegas and somehow managed to miss her flight.   Her coworker Julienne* and their supervisor Flynn* had a long email chain going about how June wasn't going to come back because she ran off and got hitched - she was in Vegas, after all.  And she DID send Julienne a photo of a chapel!

Julienne told me of all of this and requested a small banner and a photoshopped image of June and her groom - and ELVIS!  We thought June was coming back the following day, so this whole thing started off very small.

We ended up having the full week to continue, and this whole prank quickly turned into sooo much more.  It was mostly Julienne and myself, but Flynn definitely had a hand in this too.  Before we knew it, there were balloons, streamers, flowers, a Congrats card, gift-wrapped [empty] boxes, Jordan Almond party favors, Champagne, AND A CAKE!! 

No joke.  It was pretty insane. 

And the more we did, the more we were terrified that June was going to be upset - or that people were going to think that she actually got married.  She did not!

June returned Friday and it was well received - the cake and champagne definitely helped. 

And what do you think of that cake!?  That was made by yours truly.  I invested in a small cake pan from Michael's and some gold food spray paint.  The bottom tier was vanilla and the top was strawberry.  Most people didn't believe that it was even real at first!  

We were all under the agreement that this was the most epic, original office prank we had ever seen.  And it was really cheap!!  All of the balloons, streamers, flowers, tablecloths, picture frames, cake platter, and cups were all from Dollar Tree.  The only significant items were the Champagne and Cake. 

Julienne and I joke that we need to start a 'Fake Wedding Planning' company and we'll call it 'Go Big or Go Home.' 

*All names have been changed to protect their identity and privacy.

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