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Postage Surprise!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I got a little surprise package in the mail yesterday, and it's so exciting that I couldn't help but share!
I shared a little preview last night on Instagram:

Any guesses on what it might be?!
HINT: Before I showed my coworkers, they asked if it had to do with mermaids... and the answer is YES!

They're so pretty! And the details on some of them are pretty insane. I love them all and I don't know if I could even pick a favorite! Did I mention these were completely free?! I use those codes inside Disney DVDs/Blurays to collect points. Since it's October, and the Little Mermaid Bluray is about to come out, these pins were added to the items you could get. These pins are normally $35 and I wasn't expecting them so soon!!

Since they are a collectors item, I certainly will not be wearing them. I'm thinking of getting a shadowbox to display them in my office and they can go right next to my Muppets collectors stamps.

Have you gotten any fun surprises in the mail recently?

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