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Sevenly : One Week. One Cause.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I adore Sevenly and everything that they do!

What is Sevenly? Sevenly is a weekly cause activation platform. Some have even called them a cause crowdfunding platform. Every week, they partner with a new non-profit organization, create unique art and limited edition products that they then sell exclusively on their website for 7 days. For every product sold, they give that week’s non-profit organization $7. For example, if they sold 1,000 products, Sevenly would donate $7,000 to that week's charity.

This week's charity hit home - hard. And I cried before even watching their video. (You'll understand if you read the following few paragraphs) This week, they've partnered with 4 Paws For Ability - who enriches the lives of children with disabilities by training and placing quality, task-trained service dogs. This provides increased independence for the children, and assistance to their families. And 4 Paws also works with veterans from recent conflicts who’ve lost the use of their limbs or their hearing while in active combat. In all cases, the results speak for themselves.

I haven't talked about it much on the blog, cause it wasn't ever pertinent - but I have epilepsy. Not severe epilepsy, but epilepsy with no discernible cause or cure (or even medication that helps). I've undergone testing off and on my whole life, and the doctor's have never been able to tell what the cause is. I'm fortune though - I don't have them frequently, and I'm part of the 1% of epilepsy sufferers that is able to tell that one is about to happen. For this reason, I've never needed a service dog - and with all the animals that we've had over the years, we've never had an animal that even seemed to notice something was happening.

Enter Snow. Snow was not trained to be a service dog - he's far too energetic for one. Like most animals that are close with their people, he's very in-tune to our emotions and knows when something is bothering us. A few months back, I started to have a seizure and got to the floor before I could fall. Snow KNEW something was up - whether he could hear or smell it, he knew something wasn't right. He came over to me and calmly laid on top of me. That's not like him at all - normally, if you lay on the floor - he's going to be licking the crap out of your face. It was an eye-opening moment, and I fell in love with him even more that day. I had the seizure, and when I came to, he was laying on me, just watching me.

Remembering that moment is what caused me to cry when I saw their cause this week. Like I mentioned, my seizures aren't that frequent - not like some children out there who have 50 seizures a day - 99% of who have no idea it's about to happen! I can't imagine the terror of that. I'm fortunate to have the ability to sense them coming, and to have Snow who is apparently tuned in to it. This is where I beg you, please buy a t-shirt this week.

Help a child. Help a family. It's worth it.

I'd like to mention that I was in no way contacted to write about Sevenly and their cause of this week. I was not given any money or product in return for this post. All comments above are true and shared because I care about this cause.

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