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Sunday Sumup #11

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I skipped last week's sumup, and almost skipped this week's too. But in a nutshell, honestly, this week was pretty much nothing but me complaining about the heat. It's been awful hot, but this weekend has been wonderful - high 60s, low 70s with some nice breezes.

So, Mr Snow is healing nicely. I was trying to take some photos of him to show my Mom how good he's healing and I got a bunch of derpy photos. On Friday, we saw Snow's brother (who is all white and is muuuuch smaller, but heftier), and on Saturday we met a new 4 month old blue pit puppy in the neighborhood. His name is Zuko and him and Snow were having a blast... and then little Zuko's paws slapped Snow in the eye and his cut opened back up. >sigh< Boys!

The best part of this week was definitely this weekend. My grandparents came to visit! This is the first time they've seen our current place - and the first time they've come to visit since... 2009? They also brought my kitty home (she's been at their house since Easter)! She got fixed, so she's got a shaved belly that I keep poking. She doesn't seem to mind it, and she's following me around everywhere (more so than usual); I guess she's afraid I'm going to leave her again.

They don't have a GPS, so giving them directions was... interesting. It's really NOT that hard from their house to ours. It's 2 hours... but it's almost a straight shot with only a couple of major exits/turns. We told them when they took the exit for our main 'highway', go 5 miles and then turn on a certain road. They called us, saying they were lost and were sure they missed the turn... they hadn't even gone 1 mile. >shakes my head< On their way home, it was supposed to be even easier! Go up the highway, take the FIRST GIANT GREEN HIGHWAY EXIT SIGN and stay to the right. ...somehow... SOMEHOW... they missed it. They made it home safely, it's just... I have no words except for that I love them. So much. They're so special.

It was a great weekend though, and I really wish they could have stayed longer and/or come more often.

Have a great week everyone!

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