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Last Weeks Thrifty Thursday

Friday, April 26, 2013

I've basically been down for the count this week. I was working in my office on Sunday and suddenly my back went into a painful spasm and I've been suffering since. I did go to the Chiropractor twice this week and I'm healing a bit - but apparently, I'm all out of whack and have a long way to go.

Last Thursday, I realized that I hadn't been to the big thrift store in a while, so I decided to go on a whim. I tell you what, I've never been so giddy leaving a thrift store before.

My shopping methods are odd. Thrift store or not - I pick up items, walk around with them for a while and more things are picked up, some put down... I have a similar method even in online shopping! I had the wine rack from below in my hands at one point, some lace and some fabric - but none of it came home with me.

Here's a bunch of fun stuff that I did find that day:

1 // A Bull Terrier statue. Unfortunately his ear was broken. I love Bull Terriers and I love that his patch is on the same side as Snow's.
2 // An interesting dragon teapot.
3 // A polka dot teapot - how cute is this?!
4 // Some saddles?! That's really out of place for this area...

5 // Wine rack. I almost left with this. I immediately thought of the wine rack marker organizer from My Case Studies - I thought of bringing it home, painting it white and using it as an organizer myself.
6 // When I saw the faint image from this rolled up wall scroll, I knew immediately what the subject was. I opened it up and saw a wonderful Sailor Moon Wall Scroll. It ended up costing me $1.40. This was the best find ever! The scroll won't work well in the wall gallery I'm doing in my office, but I'm going to make my own frame (since it's cheaper!)

That's all for today. With my back in its current state, this may be the last thrift store trip for a while. >sad face<

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