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Thrifty Thursday : Purses

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I visited Goodwill on Tuesday, and was looking for a bag to carry my new iPhone camera lenses. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find two ADORABLE purses that are basically brand new.

These are hands down - my best thrift store finds to date! The tan bag is a little small, but it's so adorable - and I needed a tan bag. The mint one is the most perfect color ever, has the nicest striped lining and is pretty spacious. The interior is divided into two large compartments, with a couple little pockets, and an external pocket on the back!! I'm in love...

I've had a few people ask me about getting rid of the thrift store smell in bags. These bags, being brand new, didn't need as much work as some other bags - also remember, that it will always depend on the bag and on the materials it's made from. I tend to sniff bags while at the thrift store, looking like a crazy lady...

Cleaning & Getting the Thrift Store Smell out of Purses :

1) First and foremost, I vacuum out the insides - pockets and all. There's nothing worse than finding crumbs and other such gunk inside your 'new' bag.

2) After this, I always wipe down any bag I get with cleaning wipes - both inside and out. I'll then dampen a rag or paper towel with a bit of water to wipe down one more time.

3) Once everything has dried, I throw dryer sheets in every major compartment. And then I'll tie the bag up in a plastic bag with another dryer sheet or two. Then leave it - for a day at least, it really depends on the bag and the smell.

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