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Camera Ups & Downs

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So this past weekend, as touched on slightly in the Sunday sum up, I spent a majority of my time working on stuff for the shop (which I will share updates on later this week). Since I borrowed the camera from work to get good product photos, I also decided to snap a few pictures of my surroundings. Not only do I love when bloggers post "photos of details," but it was also great practice with the new fancy camera. I want one so bad! (It's the Canon 4Ti with a EF-S 18-55mm lens and a EW-60C lens hood.)

It was definitely a cold weekend, but full of sunshine!

Getting my craft on - making lots and lots of charms!

No post here is complete without a picture of either Shai, Ivy or Snow.

On top of that, I was doing research into getting my own camera. I most certainly don't have the money for it now - so I went a different route. People at work mentioned something along the lines of just using my iPhone for photos... so I went and invested in Photojojo's lens wallet set. (link) It comes with their 3 magnet-clip-on lenses (a fisheye, a wide angle/macro, and a telephoto x2), as well as a case/tripod/giant telephoto x12 lens. I'm already in love!!

I ended up retaking a lot of the product photos with my phone and new lenses!

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