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Sunday Sum Up #5

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tomorrow is Monday? Already?! This weekend went too quickly.
Gadget and I went out to dinner at Ted Montanta's last night. We had loads of fun! And I spent the rest of the weekend making charms for my shop and taking photos of all the new items that will be added to the shop this week. I borrowed the Canon Rebel T4i from work - what a gorgeous camera. I want it!

Only problem is... Gadget's card reader on his computer isn't working, so I have to wait to get to work to grab all the photos off the card.

1 // Went out to a department lunch. Had delicious crab cakes and a steak.
2 // Random self portrait in the mirrored elevator at work.
3 // Changed my instagram screenname to @searewyndmake to match the blog.
4 // Foreign Food Thursday - We tried out a great new kabob place
5 // Woke up Friday morning to an awesome surprise from Snow. He tore up an entire roll of paper towels.
6 // Borrowed a camera from work. Used it to take product photos.
7 // Working on charms for pencil pouches.
8 // Went out to dinner with Gadget for our 3rd anniversary.
9 // My meal - Salmon
10 // Stopped at Walmart. We always have the craziest, most random set of items. Notice the Transformers toy... >head shake<
11 // The mayhem at my desk. Thank goodness I put the desks together to make one large one!
12 // Finished charm!

That's all for this week. Good night everyone!

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