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Rabbit Rabbit

Friday, March 1, 2013

Good morning, Happy Friday, and Hello March!
I can't believe how fast February flew by! March is here, and it's going to be a crazy busy month.

February was a short, but very productive month. I managed to get a TON of cleaning and organizing done around the house - especially in my office. I've made lots of headway with the upcoming design shop, as well as getting a lot more exposure of my other shop, Byte Size Treasure. It's all very exciting. I was also pretty crafty - but that has to do with my office being organized and inspiring me to actually do stuff.

Hippity-Hop Lamp // Love Bunnies Ring Holder // Rabbit Gold Plated Wax Seal Stamp // Bunny Rabbit Earring

I got a facebook message on the way to work this morning from my mother that just said "Rabbit Rabbit." I love my mother! We just don't get along well when we're in the same state, but this whole thing is absolutely adorable. When I was a kid, there was something on Nickelodeon that told of the superstition where if you say "rabbit rabbit" or "rabbit rabbit rabbit" or "white rabbit" (and some other variations) as soon as you wake on the 1st of a month, you'd have either good luck all month or receive a present by the end of the month. This is probably the ONLY tradition my mother and I share. It makes me giggle that she still does it, and I apparently had never told Gadget about it. I'm sure he judges us both now.

SPEAKING of Gadget, our 3rd wedding anniversary is tomorrow! THREE YEARS. Insanity. Hopefully, he'll take me somewhere nice and we can have a nice, romantic day tomorrow. >hint hint<

How was your February? Are you looking forward to March? Anyone have big plans in the near future?

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