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Sunday Sum Up #4

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So Sunday's sumup is a little late. I won't dive into my problems from the weekend, but basically I wasn't near a computer to post anything. It was a typical week, but this past weekend was FULL of crafty fun!

Week via Instagram:
1 // Monday was a holiday, so I went OUT. This is a glimpse of what I wore.
2 + 3 // While out on Monday, I tried a new Pho place. The Pho wasn't terrible, but the Summer rolls were good.
4 // I got Snow a new "tennis ball" that is 13" wide. He loves it. But he's frustrated that he can't bite it.
5 // Snow - worn out after playing with the new ball.
6 // I sent a little package to a friend of mine and her boyfriend.
7 // A rare photo of myself! Showing how crazy long my new bangs are already!
8 // While organizing my office, I was trying to find a place for all my wrapping paper and other backdrop items. I love this!
9 // Quick stop at the thrift store - I really wanted this lamp - but not for $40.
10 // Snow being impatient while I'm showering. He had to go potty!
11 // Pretty sunrise on the drive to work
12 // At work, its rare that all of the Graphics peoples are in the office on the same day. We wanted to go out to lunch, but we didn't have the time to go where we wanted. So we went to Panera. I tried this sandwich for the first time - definitely a new favorite!
13 // Made a little art. Getting frustrated at people judging me for what I take pictures of with my phone.
14 // Made a version of Gadget with the imadeface app.
15 // IVY! She's been super cuddly recently. Too bad she weighs a ton!
16 // I love seeing the moon in the daytime!
17 // My pretty Shai - always the diva.
18 // Both kitties were being lazy all week while I cleaned around them!
19 // Went all the way down to the post office just for this teeny tiny little package...
20 // ...which is great, cause now I have all the charms for my shop!
21 // Making custom wrist straps for my shop.
22 // Went to Starbucks, they spelled my name wrong.
23 // Charms for umbrellas!
24 // All the charms & straps for the umbrellas are done!
25 // I have a bunch of wood planks that I use for photo backdrops, I painted the backside of half of them white, and the other half a teal color.
26 // I spent half of the day on the couch, watching The Office and Snow decided to join me for a nap.

My shop is getting a lot of new attention, so I really need to figure something out with this missing-camera situation so I can get photos of all the new products!!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! March is almost here!!

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