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Massive Shop Update!

Friday, March 8, 2013

As mentioned earlier this week - this past weekend, my online shop got a massive update! Seven products were updated, and there are also seven brand new products added to the shop! You can visit the shop here: Byte Size Treasure

So what's new?
Seven of the existing pencil pouches were given matching removable charms. The new charms (that are included with the purchase of a pencil pouch) comes on a 3" black charm strap. These charms aren't just for the pouches - they can be hung on just about anything - cell phones, zippers, portable game systems - the possibilities are endless! It was something that I had thought about doing for a while, and I think it adds a bit of something extra to the pouches!

There are also SEVEN brand new products - including 2 new characters (that I introduced here on the blog a few weeks back). Spartan Octopus (also known as Spartan-opus) and Byte the Shark can currently be purchased on pencil pouches and UMBRELLAS! The umbrellas come with charms as well, but they are not removable. I also handmade the wrist straps. I'm in love with these umbrellas, and I've already sold a bunch. The stock is very limited at the moment, so get them before they're gone!

Some other products I've added are sleeping masks, wall clocks, and a clip-on keychain watch.
More stuff coming soon - and a giveaway!

Stay tuned. And Happy Friday everyone! I have some crazy big news in regards to work that I should be able to share soon! See you all next week. Enjoy your weekend!!

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