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Sunday Sumup #7

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Not too pleased that Monday is here already. This weekend flew by and I just want one more day of rest.

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This week is really a blur, I don't feel like I did anything or anything was accomplished. Honesty, I don't even KNOW what happened on Monday. Tuesday was a crappy day (weather wise) and I was working from home - but the sun started shining and I quickly went outside to snap some photos. I also spent most of the day with Snow at my feet - it was going to be my last work from home day, so I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

Even though I usually work from home on Wednesdays, I went in to work to get the parts to make the Pi Day badges for work. And it was a looooong day - we did "Foreign Food Thursday" on Wednesday this week - and had PHO! My favorite! (Now I want some...) It was taking forever to get home that afternoon too, so I stopped at the Starbucks near one of my bus stops and relaxed for a few minutes. Isn't that dog a beauty!? He was walking by as I was staring out the window of the Starbucks.

When I finally got home on Wednesday, I started working on the buttons. Every once in a while, one will mess up, but my rate of failure is pretty low. Not only did my punch stop working, but after I screwed up 3 buttons in a row, I threw in the towel and went to bed. Thursday was Pi Day... where I had pizza AND pie. YIKES!

After the long day I had Wednesday, I bounced out of work early on Thursday - and got home in record time. I spent the afternoon with my pup and working on my own stuff (including taking a couple of photos of myself that I liked - surprisingly).

Friday was a bit of a blur too. I tried to draw a bit with the tablet at home - and that was a complete failure.

Saturday was a good day. I spent the morning with Gadget, had lunch with him, and went to the grocery store. That evening, I met up with some friends in the city and went bar hopping for St Patty's Day. I don't drink, but I had loads of fun. I crashed at her place that night and then proceeded to have dinner at 3 am.

Sunday, while I waited for Gadget to come get me from my friend's apartment, we all went out to breakfast at a little, very old, dinner. Nothing better than breakfast at noon. The goofballs that sat across from me are Todd & Hannah - Gadget and I went to school with them, and Hannah's even from the area where I grew up and Todd works with Gadget. They're very entertaining to hang out with. I had loads of fun. There's also an awesome video I posted on Vine of Hannah dancing to 90's White Girl Pop music.

The rest of my afternoon Sunday was spend relaxing on the couch with my kitty. ...and sleeping. Oye, I was so lazy.

Well, that was my week! This coming week is going to be veeeeery interesting. Did any of you guys doing anything interesting for Pi Day or for St Patty's Day?

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