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100th Post... and Pi!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Thursday, and Happy Pi Day!!
I work with a bunch of engineers and one gigantic math nerd - who put together our company's 2nd big Pi Day extravaganza. He asked me to design some badges, and I made some buttons with my button maker for the event. I worked all night on them... so I was very tired today.

But what's Pi Day... without PIE!?! The math nerd from my past is still alive and well, and of course my inner fat kid loves pi day. But not only did we have a ton of pies, a bunch of us ordered pizza for lunch. (lets just say - I need to work out a lot to get rid of the crazy things that went in my belly today) Needless to say, I was in a pie coma on the bus ride home... hahahaa!

Not only is it Pi Day, but it's also my 100th post on SRM, so I'm excited.

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