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Phone Goodies & Reviews

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Tuesday. It's been a pretty crappy day outside - makes me glad that I'm able to work from home, but now the sun is a shining!! I decided that I wanted to go outside, use some of my new lenses for my phone, and try out a new blogger app - and do a review - all at once!

These are my OWN honest opinions. I was NOT paid for my reviews or my thoughts.

A few weeks ago I ordered a lens kit for my iPhone from Photojojo. The whole KIT and kaboodle (see what I did there?) can be found here.

What does it come with?
- A big 12x telephoto lens and a matte black iPhone case that you twist the lens onto
- A small ball-socket tripod and phone adapter
- A small telephoto (x2) lens
- A small fisheye lens
- A small wide angle / macro lens
- Lens wallet
- Lens wipe

Each of these can be ordered separately (a $99 value) - that they're selling as a kit for $75. The large telephoto lens is for iPhone only, but those other lenses can be used with other types of phones! And I was AMAZED at how quickly it all came in the mail.

When I got the box, at first I had NO idea what it was. Why was there a dinosaur on the box? WHAT DID I ORDER THIS TIME!? Then I saw it was from Photojojo, and I secretly wished there was a dinosaur (and my lenses of course) inside. AND SURE ENOUGH - there WAS a dinosaur inside! I also giggled like a little kid at reading the packaging list - so simple, but really great for customer happiness on my end.

And the lenses themselves? I love them. Plain and simple. They are SO worth the money, and I sadly haven't used them as much as I would like. My ONLY gripe - is the wallet. I try not to carry big purses, so I rarely carry purses big enough to carry that bad boy... and when I do, I'm nervous that the lenses will tumble out of the side. The magnet strip doesn't seem powerful enough to hold them if they get jostled around.

Gadget's mind was blown when I ordered these. He had no idea that I had bought them, and as someone who works for a company currently making a iPhone camera app - this was golden. His mind was really blown with the macro - it's a 2-in-1 lens that starts as a wide angel, then you unscrew the top part and it becomes a macro. You gotta get that phone SUPER close to the subject... and BAM! Crazy amounts of detail!

When I bought the lens kit, I also enrolled in Photojojo's University. For $5 (plus a free $5 gift card to the Photojojo store when you sign up), it's basically free!

Photojojo University is a 4-week course that teaches you the principles of photography through the lens of your phone. Twice a week you’ll get an email with a simple and fun lesson that ends with a challenge to help you solidify your new skills.

They're simple little tips and tricks, but it's a really great little course.

Again, these are my OWN honest opinions. I was NOT paid for my reviews or my thoughts.

Here are a few of the photos from today. I'll be posting them on the blog's facebook page for bigger, Hi-Res shots:

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