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Sunday Sum Up #3

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Morning! I'm gonna be honest, this is gonna be short because I'm in a pretty terrible mood. I had all these pictures of craft-fun, and the work-in-progress that is my office overhaul... but the camera has DISAPPEARED. From my own house - I am livid. How does it just disappear? I know where I put it, but we have people in our house and it's now nowhere to be found. Not to mention I woke up to an accident on the floor from Snow... Thank goodness I have tomorrow off - I'd hate to go into work with this mood I'm in.

On Monday, I went into work late. On Mondays, I normally get a ride from a guy at work, but he leaves super late, so I figured "instead of doing 11+ hours at work again... I missed Walking Dead last night, I'll watch it this morning and go into work late!" The buses Monday morning were a hassle, but I stopped for breakfast and wrote for my stories some more - actually, A LOT!

Also, Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Gadget and I haven't done anything yet to celebrate. Our anniversary is really soon, so hopefully we'll do something then. I gave him a card and a 3 lb. bag of Gummy Bears. My reaction to seeing the bag in the store, and his reaction when he opened it - I wish we had pictures. Haha, so great.

It's been a pretty typical week. I've been cleaning and organizing whenever I have time. I completely redid our closet, and reorganized my dresser. I'll post photos when I finish.

Late to the game, I started watching Sherlock. Oh man, WHY have I waited so long to watch this show!?

Oh, and Shai is in heat. NOT fun.

Week via instagram:
1) Galaxy nails! (& crochet)
2) Ramen cooked to perfection.
3) Sparkly Mint nails with little red hearts!
4) Stopped at Starbucks for breakfast and did some writing.
5) When Gadget comes home, he will not touch Snow until he calms down. Once he relaxed, Gadget rolled him on his back and rubbed his belly. He's not a big fan of being on his back, so he freezes up.
6) Homemade Chipotle oven baked potatoes. With bacon bits and basil. Soo good.
7) Foreign Food Thursday - PHO!!
8) Fishie at the Pho place
9) We went to a Kabob place on Friday, I love their interior!
10) Chicken Kabob.
11) Organizing my ever-growing dress collection (addiction, perhaps?) by color.
12) Craft time!
13) Shai stole my seat. Maybe she wants to craft too?
14) A shot of my "new" desk. I had 2 large desks and decided to put them together. I'm in love already! HUGE improvement!
15) Sewing at 2AM while listening to Kevin Hart standup.
16) We went to IKEA (it's a LOT closer than I thought) and got myself some stuff for my office).
17) Gadget just laying on Snow - right before we went to IKEA.
18) Pretty sky. Gadget kept swerving the car so I couldn't get a picture. Poop face.
19) Dinner! Beef stew & vegetables over rice.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love the Thai (I guess, the PHO) soup and how terrible that your camera disappeared, I hope you get it back.

    1. Thanks. I still haven't found it. I'm really heartbroken.

      Thanks for visiting!


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