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Thrifty Thursday : Bird Necklace!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Made a quick trip to the thrift store last Thursday and spotted some chairs identical to the ones my grandma wanted. But there was no way I was getting all three of them on the bus with me!

I went back with Gadget on Saturday to pick the chairs up and saw the bird necklace by the door. I wanted it so bad... but didn't get it. It bothered me all day, so I went back and couldn't find it. As I was about to give up and leave, I spotted it in a different spot. Final price? $4. The other necklace was $6.

A fabric haul from the little Thrift store - $2 for the lot! I also got a large picture frame for $1 that day. (not pictured)

These are a collection of scarves I've been collecting.
The butterfly one I got about a month ago - each were about $1-$2.

ADORABLE shoes. $5.

These shoes were $9 but they were 50% off that day. Score.

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