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Crafty : Sketchbooks

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I haven't really been making anything recently, which is sad considering that's the whole point of the blog. And I realize that I've been slacking on that. So today - SKETCHBOOKS!

First up, the sketchbook that I carry every day is getting filled up, so I knew I needed a new one. Here's a shot of my current one:

I went to Michaels (with coupon in hand, as always) and bought a cheap little one. Now, the paper is only slightly better than my current sketchbook, and the cover I know is going to do the same thing - fray, rip and fall apart. I added some reinforcement and will eventually add a nice cloth covering around the spiral binding to protect it.

Then... I found this old sketchbook with just a few pages filled up with crappy stuff. I cut the terrible innards out and voila! A new sketchbook! Haha. I AM going to cover it with something - just not sure what yet. And since there is a nice gap in the book, I thought it would be perfect to add a small folder for small little things that find their way into my sketchbooks. [haven't done this yet]

Also on the agenda of things to do is this nifty little book that I found cleaning my office. It's from one of the portfolio shows at my college - a student was giving away these books. I actually have several other sketchbooks that come from similar backgrounds. I'm going to paint the cover solid white, and use this in the future as well.

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