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May Goals

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's May... and I'm still as busy as ever, but I thought it would be nice to set myself some goals for the month of May and see how well I stick to them. And because May is the 5th month, I'll have 5 main goals...

1. Unpack ALL of the boxes in my studio/office
I honestly haven't touched a one... it's really ridiculous!

2. Start Photographing outfits for posts

3. Fill a sketchbook page every day
(my sketchbook is 5½" x 8½" so that shouldn't be too hard)

4. Work out 4+ days a week
(this was my new years resolution - but I was sick for the first month and a half... then I started the workout plan - but then we started packing and moving and I kinda stopped)

5. Avoid the Bermuda Triangle at all Costs
I saw this on a commercial while I was watching Hulu this morning and I thought it was a funny goal...

Anyone else set up goals for themselves this month? What are some of your goals?

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