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"Huesday" Art in Progress

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've been drawing a lot recently. Some doodlin here and there, but mostly working on this big piece. Gadget and I are close friends with our academic director (from when we were in college) and his wife. Every Friday, we go to their house (they're close neighbors now that we've moved) because he holds art studio and occasionally an art-related radio show. He's currently in the midst of creating a card game called Dark Legacy (find out more here on his kickstarter). He's had a couple of alumni and a professor or two do some of the artwork for some cards. He asked Gadget and I if we would like to do a card as well.

I got : Harpies

That's what I've been working on. I'll admit that one thing I avoid in art is interacting characters in a single piece. Its definitely something that I need to work on. This card became the perfect excuse to practice - as it involved 3 characters. I did a bunch of sketches in my sketchbook and even worked steadily on a "final piece." I had what I call the final sketch and had even started inking... But I wasn't happy so I worked on it less and less. Finally, I just scrapped it and started over.

The piece I have now is much more dynamic and I couldn't be happier. I'm in the coloring phase now, so I'm going to share some WIP shots of the original sketch, the newer sketch, lineart and coloring thus far:

1 // The rough sketch of the scrapped version. 2 // Changed the pose of the front harpy.
3// Halfway through the more finalized sketch, I changed the front harpy again.

4 // The more finalized "sketch" - or rough inking. One-in-the-same in my process. I really love her face.

5 // Scrapped old version. Did a rough thumbnail painting/sketch for a new composition. You will notice I stole the face off of step 3 above.

6 // Starting to ink the middle harpy. I am known for my love of drawing hair.

7 // Inking the largest harpy. Just about finished with her.

Hopefully, I'll meet my deadline. I will post some more WIP shots as I work on it.

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