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Fashion Huesday : Summer Scout

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday is here, and just about over already. I can't believe how quickly May is flying by. Today was a telecommute day, spent glued to the computer doing design work and some web code. I've got a LOT of artwork and commissions that I need to get done on the side (which I work on in the evenings and on weekends) by the end of May - which is why my Fashion Huesdays haven't had a lot of sketches recently. This will be my last Fashion Huesday for a while, until I get some other artwork done, and some other types of posts up here on the blog.

Dress // Hat // Bag // Shoes // Sunglasses // Necklace // Ring

Today's Total: $129
Definitely one of the lowest, if not THE lowest Fashion Huesday. When I went to the mall the other day, I discovered LoveCulture. I bought a couple things from there, so quite a few things here are things from their website - and they're pretty inexpensive.

I made myself another yummy strawberry/raspberry/blueberry/blackberry smoothie for breakfast. I was hoping to make French dip sandwiches for dinner, but I don't think the roast is going to defrost in time - that may have to wait until tomorrow.

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