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Thrifty Thursday : ...Another Store?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's been a crazy week. I was talking to a local friend - that's lived in the area for a number of years - about my new love of thrift shopping. She's terrible... and by terrible, I mean a lovely person & a very bad influence. She mentioned that there is ANOTHER thrift shop... on the same bus route as all the other ones.

So I decided to check them out.
(This one is also next to a HomeGoods - which is also bad news for me.)

Their houseware and furniture sections were by far better than any of the other places. Again, bus riding makes buying any of that stuff difficult. But clothing wise, they had a pretty good selection. My only gripe was that this place was small, cramped and poorly lit.

But I did walk away with a couple things:

1 // An adorable plaid bag. ($4)
2 // A light plaid skirt. The colors are much more subtle than what it looks like in the photo. It's a 2 sizes too large, but that can be remedied. ($3)
3 // Dark skirt ($5)
4 // Vest - Way too big, but I have plans... ($2)
5 // Cute tank ($2)
6 // Striped Cardigan from Torrid - Way too big - going to alter. ($3)

And because one store wasn't enough to visit, I stopped by the big thrift store - only grabbed a couple of things though:

1 // Long, button-down dress. Because of my chest size, it's a lot shorter than I would have hoped, but again, I have plans. ($5)
2 // My trip offered up no shoes in the store, but when I went to pay for the dress, I saw these behind the counter. I thought they were being held for someone - nope. However, the price was $14... but they do a color tag half-off sale each day, and these babies met the criteria. ($7)

You find anything good at a thrift store this week?

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