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Fashion Huesday : Nimbus Cheer

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Necklace   //   Dress   //   Cardigan   //   Bag   //   Earrings   //   Ring   //   Bracelets   //   Belt   //   Shoes
Another Fashion Huesday under way! (Heehee, I rhymed.)

This time for one of favorite types of color palettes - lots of neutrals with a pop of one color. And what better color than mustard (which is big right now)? Well, orange is better - I'll save that for next week.

I love these shoes. I want them - but they are so expensive. After the overall price of last weeks outfit, I decided to go as cheap as I could (minus the shoes and the bag). And these stacking rings are absolutely adorable. And that bag! LOVE!

Overall Price: $990.25

Like I mentioned, the bag and the shoes is 90% of this price. All the jewelry is under $15 each - just how I like them.

And the drawing to go with it? I saved LOTS of progress shots, I'll add those later.

If you wear a similar outfit or perhaps draw a character wearing something like this - let me know! I'd love to see!

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