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Favorites : Shows

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good morning - Friday is here!

This is only my 2nd Friday Favorites, but I want to keep a general theme going with these as I move forward into the future of this blog.  I was trying to think of a theme for the day and had some Hulu Plus playing in the background - then it hit me.  My queue is currently at 52 to watch - the highest it's ever been...  Why don't I share with you all my favorite shows that I'm watching now. 

1 // FRINGE - Definitely my favorite show at the moment.  One of the few on this list that isn't a comedy - although Walter makes me smile so much in this show.  It's currently on it's 4th (and possibly last) season.  I even got Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD for $20 (total) on Black Friday last year.

2 // GAME OF THRONES - Season 2 just started, and there are so many things I love about this show thus far.  From what I hear, it's doing a great job of adapting the books (which are next on my to-read list).  The character development is great, and don't get me started on the fabulous cinematography.  (Friday Fun Fact - Our dog Snow was named after John Snow from Game of Thrones.)

3 // NEW GIRL - Words cannot describe my love for this show.  It started off so strong and got a little weak for a couple episodes, but the past 4 episodes have had me crying in laughter.  I feel so embarrassed for Jess when I watch this show.  But the boys are starting to steal the show - I can't even pick my favorite of them anymore.  

4 // MODERN FAMILY - Another great comedy.  I believe it's in its 3rd season - and still as fun as ever.  I love all of the characters and their relationships with one another.  Phil and Luke - I can't wait to have a son, because I KNOW that's how Gadget and him will be.  

5 // BOB'S BURGERS - This one came as a huge surprise.  I'm not a fan of the artwork (it's growing on me) and it almost put me off from watching it.  This show is hilarious!  The 2nd season just started and they're going down the route of Family Guy - where it's SUPER inappropriate... And I love the subtle jokes that you'll miss if you're not paying attention. 

6 // PSYCH - This show was almost finished it's 4th season before Gadget and I hopped the bandwagon and did a week-long marathon of the first 4 seasons.  Shaun and Gus crack me up - they actually remind me of my boss and coworker. 

7 // THE OFFICE - Like with Psych, I didn't start watching this show until the 4th or 5th season started.  I caught all caught up, and I laughed.  A lot.  With Steve Carell gone, I didn't think it was gonna last and stand on its own - but it has. 

8 // RAISING HOPE -  I've got 3 episodes sitting in my Hulu queue to watch... but I feel like it's been really slow recently.  Still one of my favorites, it still makes me laugh and cry from laughter.  Virginia is my favorite. 

9 // FUTURAMA - I use to watch this show and with all of the cancellations and moving networks, I always ended up seeing the same 5 episodes over and over again.  When I was really sick back in January, I had a marathon of all the episodes and movies from Netflix.  The most recent season was just added to Netflix and I've been watching again.  The newest season is one of my favorites thus far.  Four dimensional killer space whale!!

10 // LAST MAN STANDING - My boss likes a lot of the same comedy shows as me, and he recommended this show after episode 3.  It's not the funniest show on this list, but it does make me laugh.  

11 // THE VOICE - I loved the first season - I loved a lot of the musicians on the first season (I voted for Javier Colon).  I also love Adam Levine.  Christina is becoming a bigger and bigger pain - but her voice is still amazing!  I don't like all of the artists that have come this far, and there are a lot that I liked that have been sent home.  But I do have a couple artists that I like left, but I think Juliet Simms is gonna take it this year.

12 // FAMILY GUY - This show is still funny, even after all this time - but it's starting to get those moments where I'm like "are they allowed to say that on tv!?" 


Some other shows in my Queue right now are Face Off, Glee, Grimm, Awake, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, White Collar, Mongrels.  Other favorites include An Idiot Abroad, Work of Art, Misfits, Wilfred, and Whitney (and many more).
 (UGH!  I should've added an Idiot Abroad to my list above!)

And whereas I have a ton of shows on my Hulu favorites - there are so many other great shows out there that I haven't even started yet.  I'll get to those in the future.

And obviously, I watch a lot of Hulu Plus and Netflix.  I occasionally watch cable, but I don't have a tv near me when I'm at my computer, so those are my fall backs.  And I usually just DVR them anyway.  I can also watch both Hulu and Netflix on my iPod, PS3 and the computer.  

What are some of your favorite shows?  Do you have Hulu Plus or Netflix?  Do you even watch cable tv anymore?

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great weekend!

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