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Thrifty Thursday : A New Store

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone!

Time for my 2nd Thrifty Thursday.  This week I went back to the big thrift store and found a couple gems.  I foresee this becoming trouble for my wallet.

1 // A great little orange and white striped dress.  I walked around the store with this for a while and ended up putting it back - just because the price was a little steep for a thrifted item.  But with the tags still on it, the $20 price tag wasn't soo bad in my head when I got to the register and I ran back to get it.  I knew I'd be upset that I didn't have it.  Come on now, it's orange!!

2 // Black and grey cardigan.  I love this piece.  The fabric is lovely.  And for $3, the price was great.

3 // Off-white and blue striped cardigan.  This one is a lot heavier than the black one, but I was in love instantly - I love stripes.  $5

4 // How adorable are these shoes!?  $8

And my biggest problem this week?  Finding another thrift store on the same bus route.  It's MUCH smaller!  They had some great pyrex pieces, but I didn't want to take the chance of them breaking on the bus ride.  But they had a wonderful hidden room in the back with all sorts of sewing stuff - buttons and patterns, and some great pieces of fabric.

Both of these bits of fabric are pretty big - big enough to make some cool stuff out of.  The top piece was only $1.50, and the bottom piece was $2.  Can't go wrong with that.  I will definitely be going back to that little place again.

Thanks for visiting! See you all tomorrow!

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