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Thrifty Thursday : New Obsession

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Surfing the internet, you can find tons of blogs where these people find wonderful things in thrift stores.  I've always wanted to explore some and see what treasures I could find.  Sadly, our last apartment was the first time I'd ever lived near one - I found a few things that I wanted, but I went with no cash.  Sadly, that was my last trip to that thrift store.

We moved last month, and I knew of one big thrift store in the area because a local friend donates stuff every month.  When I learned that my bus goes right past there, I went one afternoon after work.  There's also a Goodwill retail store even closer - so I went the next day.  I found some wonders, and I will start sharing my weekly finds here on my blog.

The top 3 are from Goodwill :
1 // A great teal polka-dotted cardigan.  I need to rip out the shoulder pads, and want to find new buttons that actually match.  The current buttons have a blue ring that are no where near the same color as the teal.  ($5)

2 // A cute little sundress.  I need to fix the one strap as it looks like the previous owner sewed it in and now it's off center from the other strap.  Not a big deal.  ($7)

3 // I was looking for a dress with some cute little sleeves and here we are.  I need to bring the bottom hem up quite a bit - it's far too long.  ($6)

The rest are from the larger thrift store, which is now my favorite place to go!
4 // Loafers.  ($7)

5 // Green Blazer.  Sides need to be brought in juuuust a tad.  ($4)

6 // White cardigan with yellow polka dots.  ($3)

7 // Mid-length skirt.  ($4)

8 // This was my treasure!  This ladies and gents is a saddle stapler.  It's brand new and they retail for $100+ ... I paid $3!!

Needless to say, I'm going to have a hard time staying out of thrift stores after that saddle stapler.

Did you go thrift shopping this week? Find anything fun?

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