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Morning Report

Thursday, March 29, 2012

// dress - target // cardigan - ross // tights - rainbow // shoes - target // necklace - aquarium //

Good morning!  I've been so fashionable this week, I'm quite proud of myself.  I actually had on a completely different outfit, but the footless tights were driving me crazy - they end mid calf, and lets just say that wouldn't fly today.  And I couldn't wait to wear this new dress.  I dug out my silver shoes and here we go!

The dress I got last week from Target.  I have so much love for this dress.  The cardigan is a boyfriend cardigan from Ross, and my shoes I got on clearance at Target.  They're a bit too large for my feet though... I'm at that strange shoe size between two sizes - not fun.  And the necklace is a little seahorse necklace that I got on my trip to the Baltimore Aquarium a couple months ago.  Doesn't really match, but meh!  I like seahorses and it was the first necklace I saw. 

So my plans for today is to go home and unpack.  I have barely made a dent.  It's really terrible.

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