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Favorites : Lottery

Friday, March 30, 2012

So the internet & local news is ablaze with talk of the $640 million lottery.  I've had conversations with Gadget, my family, and my coworkers - talking about what we'd do with the money.  And for my first Friday Favorites, I thought it would be good to show a couple of things that I'd like to do with lottery money should I ever win. 

1 // Design and build my own house.  
 A / link   B / link   C /  link   D / link

I've never lived in a house that my family has owned.  We've always rented - and since going to college and then being out on my own, I've always lived in apartments.  I want a nice big house, with plenty of space and LOTS of windows for natural light.  I also want a nice big yard for Snow and some other dogs that I'm sure we'd get. 

You can see my 'Dream House' Pinterest board here.

Along with this, I'd also buy the house my grandparent's currently live in, gut it and rebuild the inside (cause it's got the silliest layout) - but they love their location and aren't gonna wanna move again. My mom also mentioned hiring a maid to come by weekly for them - an absolute must!  Grandma is a busy lady, she doesn't have time to clean and things - she's got 1,001 Facebook games to play.   I ♥ my grandparents.  I want to make sure they're taken care of.

2 // Buy a car - just for me. 
 A / Toyota Matrix   B / Camaro Convertible   C / Mazda 3    D / Vespa S 150

I got my first car at 18.  It was a red 1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet with a black top.  I love small cars, and I love convertibles.  I also really like hatchbacks.  Gadget and I have had two cars together, but only ever one at a time - which makes our tough commutes even harder.  I've always dreamed of owning a Lamborghini, but no matter how much money I have, I'll never get one.  I don't want to worry about the upkeep on a car like that.  I like the new convertible Camaro (that blue one is gorgeous).  And of course, as I said before, I love hatchbacks - the Toyota Matrix and Mazda 3 being my favorites.  I also wouldn't mind having a scooter (HAS to be orange).  That would be awesome. 

3 // Build an art studio space for Rewynd Studio

A / link   B / link   C / link   D / (can't find it again) E / link   F / link

Gadget and I discussed building a art & game company.   I would love to have art space just for Rewynd Studio, but if I'd have to share that would be fine too.  I envision this huge open space with tons of high windows and a loft area for the head-honcho (me & gadget)'s office area.  If it was only for me, the open space would be divided up a bit - an area for crafting, and area for drawing/painting, a computer area, and an area for a screen-printing machine.  Also, some open space for spray painting furniture for my future DIYs.  But I see it all in black and white, and having our artwork and such being the source of color in the space. 

You can see my Pinterest 'Dream Studio' board here

4 // Rescue some Pit Bulls.

A / link   B / link   C / link   D / link   E / link

After getting Snow and seeing the hassle it takes to keep a pit anywhere in this area, I would want to rescue a bunch of pits from the local shelters.  There are tons of puppies around here sitting in shelters, just waiting to be killed because it's nearly impossible for anymore to find an apartment that will allow them.  It's a shame.  When we got him, all I kept hearing from friends and family was that it's a bad idea because of the breed.  I've met more pits in the short time we've had Snow than I have in my whole life and every. single. one.  was a big sweetheart.  Snow is no exception.  I love that dog.  And I'd love for him to have a playmate (even if it's only to save poor Shai and Ivy from his constant wanting to play). 

5 // Pay off Student Loans
Does this one really need an image?  I think not.  I'm in so much debt because of school - it's terrible.  I'll will definitely pay that crap off.  


Also, today's Fun Fact: 

The little symbol above the 6 on your keyboard (^) is called a Caret.  It's predominately used in text editing as a text insertion indicator.  It comes from the Latin word 'caret' which means "it lacks."


What would you do if you won the lottery?  
Would you spend it all on yourself, on family, or would you invest?  
Tell me some of the things you'd do with $640 million in the comments.

Thanks for visiting ya'll. Have a great weekend!  

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