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Snow's Poconos Trip

Friday, August 23, 2013

I shared Gadget and I's adventures in the Poconos from this past weekend already... but what you didn't see was all the fun and excitement from the one other family member that went - Snow! And honestly, if you follow this blog, you should have known that Snow was going to make his appearance!

It all started Friday. I took off from work, initially thinking we were going to leave for the Poconos around noon (but it turned into late evening before we left). Since I had most of the day to do whatever - I took Snow in to my job to meet some people... and get him out of the house. Let's recap that shall we... I took off of work - and still went TO work.

Snow thoroughly enjoyed the short trip to my job - especially being able to sit in the front seat!

Then we finally left for the Poconos - we arrived late Friday night and he proceeded to run around like a mad man - he got to see so many people and places, all in one day!!

But on Saturday, he got to go on a nice long walk and roll around in the grass most of the day. (I do have some pretty hilarious video of this too!)

On Sunday, he was worn out most of the day. He relaxed with me on the porch for a while (and got to enjoy some yogurt), and then went off exploring with Gadget's father.

I've never seen the pup so tired before. When we got home (at 4AM!), he barely made it out of the car. He made a slow b-line for the house and waited for us to open the door and went upstairs, right to bed. He was exhausted! I'm so glad he had such a great time.

Not Snow related... but how cool is this bird that we saw while we were in Forever 21?! He was just chillin' on this guy's shoulder. His name was Willey.

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