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Snow's 2nd Birthday!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mr. Snow is officially a big boy! We got Snow on my husband's birthday and knowing Snow was about 10 weeks when we got him, that puts his birthday in the middle of June. We (and by we I really only mean myself) decided that we were going to celebrate! It's been a week long celebration, really.

  Definitely be sure to check out my Instagram for lots of fun videos from this weekend!

Snow got to go on a ton of car rides this week, including several trips to the dog park; he got to go to PetSmart, meet a lot of new people and pups, and pick out a toy; and last but not least, he got a small birthday bash on Sunday!

We didn't invite any other dogs over - it was only Snow, Gadget and myself. I put a birthday ribbon and a hat, and started snapping some photos. I was really surprised that he didn't fight to get the hat off. I put together a birthday "cake" - which was two biscuits with peanut butter in the middle and cream cheese icing on top - and of course, a candle!

I bought Snow a kiddie-pool and put a bunch of water balloons in it. It was a bit rainy on Sunday... so it wasn't really hot enough for Snow to get the full effect of the pool. But it's definitely nice to have one at home, since he really loves the one at the dog park. 

Gadget was definitely judging me the whole time, but I had fun - and Mr Snow had tons of fun - and that's all that matters.

Happy Birthday Poop-Face! 

And for a look back at how he's grown up, I've put together a little collage (hope you enjoy it as much as I do!) :

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