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Sunday Sum Up

Sunday, February 3, 2013

This week... I'm glad it's over. I was "sick" most of the week - I won't dive into details on that. I telecommute 2 days a week, so luckily I could still work - and work at my own pace. But then Thursday happened, and I became one with my couch and my eyes were glued on Netflix. I did draw a little bit here and there... But I definitely wasn't as productive as I would have liked. And I was super lazy this weekend too... I need to make up for that this coming week!

Saturday, Gadget and I went to lunch with a couple friends - we got some Pho and Frozen Yogurt. And today was the Super Bowl. It was just Gadget and I for the day, curled up on the couch watching it. I was crocheting, eating some ice cream and drinking my favorite drink ever - Diet Cherry Dr Pepper. Twas a good wrap up for the week.

My week via Instagram: (follow me here)

1 // Organized the top drawer of the dresser in my office - has all of my nail polish, sunglasses, & hair accessories.
2 // Got a dress in the mail from an order on Instagram.
3 // Snow found his giant rope... and proceeded to rip it to pieces - not before tying himself up in it.
4 // Got a Vine account.
5 // Sleepy Snow.
6 // Drawing.
7 // Hot chocolate. Cereal. And New Girl.
8 // Drawing some more.
9 // Curled up with Snow on the couch. He stole Shai's seat. She wasn't happy.
10 // Curled up with Shai on the couch - she was sleeping on my back.
11 // Playing with the Vine app. My account is full of videos of Shai and Snow.
12 // Frozen Yogurt!
13 // I made Gadget and myself breakfast pizza for lunch/dinner today.
14 // Watching the Super Bowl with Gadget. Snow wanted to join us.

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