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Sunday Sum Up #2

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My overall goal for this week was to get as much work done as possible. And other than this weekend, it was a relatively productive week.

Monday was one of my longest days ever - I was at work for 10 and a half hours. Tuesday, I did a lot of planning and scheduled some posts for this blog (including shattering my new favorite mug not an hour after taking photos for a blog post). The rest of the week was just a typical work week - a lot of stupid long rides to and from work... including two buses that didn't even stop to pick me up - yay...

As I said before, this weekend so far, I've done nothing. I didn't even touch the computer. I sat on my couch, watched Sword Art Online and crocheted. And family drama...

But I did get a considerable amount of work done this week, and even painted my nails 3 different times - look at me being girly and things. I also wrote a bit for some of my stories, so there's that.

Highlights of the week:
Bus drivers not stopping to pick me up - 2 days in a row.
Being on hold with my bank and hearing The Little Mermaid "Part of Your World (instrumental)" as the hold music
Took part in a quick dollar store craft contest
Crocheted some hair bows - that I may or may not add to the shop
Took pictures of shop items that still need to go up!
Bought myself a replacement mug for the one I just bought and broke (all in one week)
Foreign Food Thursday (a weekly lunch outing at work) we had some Peruvian chicken that definitely didn't agree with me.

Week via instagram:
1+2 // Decided to paint my nails during a lunch break
3 // Broke my new favorite mug
4 // had some toast and strawberry jelly to better my mood
5 // painted my nails again. Tried the whole "dunk your fingers in ice water to dry them fast"
6 // painted them again!
7+8 // dollar store craft
9 // silly snow
10 // playing with a new iPhone app
11 // crocheting

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