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Life & My OCD : Eating Habits

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I have a bit of OCD. There are certain things that really irritates my OCD - making sure my movies are in alphabetical order, color-coordinating sugar packets at restaurants... and oddly enough, the way I eat.

When it comes to a plate of food, I always eat one thing at a time and then move to the next in the circle - I'll either movie clockwise or counter-clockwise. And I never noticed that I did this until someone pointed it out to me. Ever since, I'll try to touch a little bit of everything, but still end up eating one at a time anyway.

One of my favorite snacks is Chex Mix. I only eat the Traditional (& occassionally Bold Party) flavor - and I follow a routine - every single time.

First, I grab the bag of Chex Mix. I try not to have this in my house too often, cause it's dangerous. (Don't you just love my new bag clips - little black cats. I got them from 5 Below!) And I pour myself a cup. I do this to limit myself on how much I can have at a time. (This is my new mug from Target. I got one for Gadget too - we both love these mugs.)

Digging in, I pick out all of the super crunchy rye bagel crisps. I don't like these. At work, I'll throw them away. At home, I'll toss them outside for the animals.

Next, I pick out the pretzels and chow down as I go. Note, that I'm not so OCD that I seperate the square and the round ones. Pretzels are pretzels. (I don't normally pull them all out onto a napkin - this is just for demonstration purposes.) Then, these little breadsticks get eaten. This batch didn't have a whole lot...

Once all the bagel crisps, pretzels and breadsticks are gone, I'm left with a large collection of Corn and Wheat Chex pieces. These are my favorites!!

People judge me for my OCD, and I don't mind it so much anymore. I'm not in denial that some of my OCD moments are really odd. But that's what makes me ME!

[Edit] I've only had this mug for a little over a week and I dropped it Tuesday night. I was heartbroken. I have to go back to Target and replace it while they're (possibly) still on clearance. >sob<

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