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Friday Favorites : Snow

Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm going to stop Friday Favorites for a while, so I can focus on the rest of the blog. What better way to end it (for a while) than to post some photos of Snow that haven't made it to the blog yet? There were a number of months there in the end of last year where I wasn't posting much - which is sad, cause a lot happened. And there are a lot of great photos of Snow.

The first 5 photos here are from a trip to Grandma's in early September. It's a 2 hour drive there, and there is a McDonalds right before the bay-bridge (which happens to be halfway to grandmas), so we stop there so we can all use the restroom, get a bite to eat if we haven't eaten, and stretch our legs. We park way in the back where the 18 wheelers park, and just let Snow walk around. It's usually pretty empty back there and he won't leave our sides... well, Gadget's side. The last two... you'll find out more about those in a second.

1 - Snow in the car // 2 - Snow sitting pretty while daddy takes a picture // 3 - Relaxing in the middle of the parking lot // 4 - Excited to see me when I came back from getting drinks // 5 - Sitting on Gadget's foot  //  6 + 7 - Relaxing after the tire run

Now these photos are from our "tire run." Every one in a while, we chain this tire to his leash and make Snow run up and down the sidewalk by our townhouse a bunch of times. I know a lot of people have misconceptions about pits and whatnot, so I was really nervous that people were thinking we were trying to beef him up for fighting. Not happening. He's just got SOOO much energy, and this is a fantastic way to burn it off.

These are more outtakes than anything, cause his running faces are absolutely hilarious. Numbers 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10 are my favorites. 10 just gets funnier and funner the more you look at it.

If you follow my Instagram or Vine (my username is rewynd), you can see that I love my silly little pup - and he's really popular too. My little camera ham! You can also search instagram for the tag #snowthepitbull - that's all him!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Is this your pitbull? He is beautiful! I wish we thought of this tire run thing when we had ours, they do have just so much energy and love to give. Probably one of the sweetest breeds ever, I wish more people knew about them.

    1. He is my pit baby! I love him dearly, and it saddens me that people have such a terrible misconception about them. My parents were very skeptical about us getting him, but now they love him. We have quite a few in our complex as well, and every single one is nothing but a big baby! And he has SOO much energy. Crazy puppy.


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