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Friday Favorites : Internet Findings

Friday, January 25, 2013

This week has been a very productive week - full of cleaning/organizing, design, exploration, movie-watching, and general laughing (at my crazy animals).

This past weekend, I spent most of the two days cleaning so I could get my personal computer set up again. I've barely touched the thing since we moved last March... and randomly a few weeks ago, the graphics card burnt out. After getting that fixed by an awesome coworker - I just needed to be able to get into my room to get it all set up. Check!

I've tried a bunch of new food this week. I made a lasagna soup recipe (link included in today's favorites!), potato soup (which didn't go over well), a hodge-podge crockpot meal, and breakfast quesadillas. We also have a Mexican/Salvadoran/Honduran restaurant really close to our house that advertises that they sell Pho too - really? According to yelp, their Pho is good, so waking to a scratchy throat two days in a row - I decided I needed some soup and walked out in the cold (it was like 10 degrees that day) and got some delicious(!) Pho. It's dangerous to have good Pho so close to my house...

I watched a bunch of movies, caught up on shows on Hulu, enjoyed snow several days. I did some design work and drawing (ON PAPER) that I will share next week.

For now, on to the Friday Favorites!! This week, I'm sharing a bunch of random stuff that I found across the internets!

A // This girl is gorgeous. And I love her hair. I want to draw her.
B // This super clean office is so bright and airy!
C // Puppy in baby harness - at the Post Office!! If Snow wasn't so gigantic, I'd definitely do this to him. I've always thought of doing something similar to Shai.
D // This is definitely me right now... Crocheting like crazy.
F // Love this bathing suit. Need to tighten up some belly pudge first...
G // Spray painted baskets?! I will not be passing up anymore baskets from the thrift store again!
H // This collection of organized bits of life. Makes my OCD very happy.
I // Jurassic Park cosplay. Doesn't get any better than this!
J // Daleks in Rugrats?! My life will never be the same.
K // Lasagna Soup recipe. Delicious!
M // This lovely coat.

That's all for today! Have a great weekend!

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