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Friday Favorites: Fave iPhone Apps

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so glad the weekend is almost here - I actually have plans. >gasp<

To get back into the swing of things for blog posting this year, we're getting back to Friday Favorites, but since it's 2013, I'll be doing 13 favorite things every Friday.

This week has a theme - my favorite iPhone apps. Now, I got my new iPhone5 in October for our anniversary/my birthday present. I love love love my iPhone! I've had a Blackberry, but this is my first SMART phone. I've downloaded a ton of apps since, and I'm going to share the cream of the crop (of my personal favorites).

Click the jump for more information on each of the apps!

I've been on bloglovin for a while, but never really used it because I used Feedly for all my rss feeds. I loved Feedly, but it's been acting odd recently - so I made the switch to bloglovin for all the arts/crafts/style blogs I follow. There a lot of subtle features on bloglovin that I like more than feedly - like alphabetized blog list, and auto marking posts as read when I open them.

Price: Free
Developer: Flavor of the Month
Download: App Store
I Heart Radio
I gave up on Pandora a long time ago, and was sticking mostly to Grooveshark when on the computer. Gadget recommended iHeartRadio since its free and better than Pandora. I would tell Pandora to play music and it would play the most random things. For example, I told it to play BoA (Korean pop singer) and I would get Adele and Nicki Manaj and never any more than 2 songs from BoA herself. I understand that the amount of Korean pop is probably VERY limited, but they were just picking at straws there. With iHeartRadio, I was getting BoA's music as well as a bunch of other KPop and JPop artists. Not to mention that the app is free and has little to no ads (had been getting a ton of religious ads on Pandora recently) and has a wonderful interface.

Price: Free
Developer: Clear Channel Media and Entertainment / iHeartRadio
Download: App Store
How did I ever live without Evernote? I use Evernote for EVERYTHING (almost). I've made bus timestables in there that I can pull up quickly while running to buses; I've used it for brainstorming with freelance clients; I've used it for storing recipes, crochet patterns and for writing blog entries. Why blog entries in Evernote, and not in Blogger? I don't like that I can't use landscape mode in the blogger app when typing.

Price: Free
Developer: Evernote
Download: App Storm
I make to do lists. LOTS of them. Clear is a multitude of to do lists in one, simple, fun, and gorgeous interface. They have a Mac app too... I wish there was a browser one so I could see my to do lists from my computer.

Price: $1.99
Developer: Realmac Software
Download: App Storm
Key Ring
I don't carry gratuity cards. EVER. And I've switched phone numbers 3 times in the last 5 years, so I can never remember the number any given card is on (let alone my old phone numbers). Enter Key Ring. I just type in the barcode of the card and boom, done. ALL 20+ cards at my fingertips.

Price: Free
Developer: Mobestream
Download: App Storm
It's rare that I actually use this app, but it's great. When I go to cons, I can take credit card payments - how awesome is that!?

Price: Free
Developer: Square
Download: App Storm
Nothing like shopping through Etsy while on the bus, right? Pretty dangerous for my time and wallet.

Price: Free
Developer: Etsy
Download: App Storm
This is the most expensive app I've ever purchased, and it was worth every penny. Basically, you can save pictures of inspiring outfits (I have mine grouped by blogger), take photos of all your clothes (and sort them), put together looks, keep a calendar of what looks you wore and when, set up a travel packing list, and SHOP through tons of designers and stores. I don't use it heavily, but I do flip through the inspiration photos I have saved almost every other morning.

Price: $3.99
Developer: left brain / right brain, LLC
Download: App Storm
As an artist, I love to look at other art. Behance is a great network, and the app is just as great!

Price: Free
Download: App Storm
Time suck. I love Pinterest. I don't really use it on the computer much anymore, just to try and avoid being overly distracted by the internet, but I use it on the bus and when I'm doodling.

Price: Free
Developer: Pinterest
Download: App Storm
Where's My Water?
This adorable title from Disney is incredible addicting. They've even gone on to make various spin offs! Your job is to help Swampy, an alligator, prepare his bath and get the clean water to him; you’ll have a challenging time of it since you need to avoid traps, sewage and all other manner of obstacles.

Price: $0.99
Developer: Disney
Download: App Storm
Triple Town
I don't play this game as much as I use to, but I use to never be able to put it down! In Triple Town, your goal is to fill the board with as many houses and structures as you can, while thwarting the wandering giant bears who will try to get in you way. Combining three of any tile type will create a single, better tile in its place.

Price: Free
Developer: Spry Fox, LLC
Download: App Storm
This is a super bizarre game. It's basically an adorable version of Pokemon with cats, and instead of Pokeballs to catch them all, you use bread. It's so cute.

Price: Free
Developer: Bake 450, Inc
Download: App Storm
And there you have it. There are a ton of apps on my phone, but these are my favorites right now. Do you guys use any of these apps, or have any that you recommend? I'd love to hear what you think!

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. You should test out "The Act". It's not really a productive app, but the animation is amaazinnngg



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