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July Goals

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June is over - already!? Goodness.

On to July -> Seven Goals for the Seventh Month -
1) Lose Weight for the Biggest Loser Challenge at work
2) Eat better and Work out (this is just going to continue to be a goal until I do it!)
3) Get the office closet done
4) Post some more art/design related posts
5) Finish painting for Mom/Charity
6) Post more artwork online
7) Sketch everyday!

How did I do in June?
1) Take more walks [PASS]
I did walk quite a bit. I took several trips throughout the month to the grocery store (which is a mile away from my house) and I walked it.

2) Get out and go somewhere at least once a week. [PASS]
This I did, except the last week. I really only went to the thrift store during the last week, but I got out of the house. It counts.

3) Get books & DVDs put away in organized manner. [SEMI-PASS]
I took down the DVDs, and put up the books nicely. DVDs are now in boxes. I have plans for them, but not the funds to do it.

4) Redesign the layout for the shop & online portfolio. [FAIL]
I started one... haven't finished either.

5) Work out 4+ days a week & eat better [SEMI-PASS]
I've been eatting better... but the workout turned out to be twice a week.

6) Do some art/craft commissions [PASS]
This is obviously in the hands of people to commission me, but I have had things to work on, and I have been working on them.

July Goal's title based on a sketch in my sketchbook:

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