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Over the river and through the woods...

Monday, June 4, 2012

To Grandmother's house we go!

The weekend has come and gone... Far too quickly.

1 - Picture of Bay Bridge as we drive over it. // 2-5 - Also some crazy tractors we saw on the way - yes, I hung out the door to get these.

Gadget and I went to Grandma's this weekend. I haven't had the chance to talk about my GMA on here yet, but my grandma is awesome (Grandpa is cool too). She spends 3/4th of her day on Facebook - playing her farm games and some other games where you can breed animals... She thinks its hilarious. Also, my favorite way to describe her is "she doesn't speak English - even though its her first and only language." We call the "language" she speaks Rose-enese.

Anyway, my aunt and cousin came in from Ohio, my mom and her fiancé came in from NY... AND it was my grandparent's 55th wedding anniversary. 55 years! Oye!

We got there yesterday afternoon - Gadget and I stopped for lunch with Snow at McDonalds. Not healthy at all, but it was a nice lunch as a little family. After an hour or so, he went off with my uncle to the racetrack and they didn't get back until about 1am. So my mom, grandma and I hung out and just chatted. My aunt and cousin didn't get in until about 2am.

1 - Grandpa and Sam being nosey. // 2 - My Grandpa's motorcycle.
3 - Grandma, Grandpa & Cousin Rosey. // 4 - Grandma, Me, Rosey, and my Mom

This morning, we all went to breakfast - poor Gadget. He's was just about the only black guy in that small (1,200) town - he did get some looks from all the elderly white folk. After a few hours, my aunt, cousin and I drove out to assateague island to see the wild ponies. We were sad that the rangers were chasing them out of the streets with sticks cause then they ran off into the marsh. We did get a couple pictures later on, but they were far out in the distance.

2 - Rosey and her Mom (& I) were walking through the trails. // 4 - Wild Ponies! // 6 - Bunny! // 7 - Dog on the beach in a shirt.

I felt bad for making Gadget wait so long to leave for home... We ended up missing the season finale of Game of Thrones because of that - but we caught the encore presentation...that I fell asleep during. And then woke up at the end! Ugh! I'm going to bed now though, I'm sleepy.

Good night all!

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