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Sunday, June 10, 2012

In line with my "get out of the house once a week goal" a bunch of friends that I graduated college with went out for lunch yesterday. We don't get to hang out as a group much anymore, so it was nice seeing everyone.

Gadget didn't want to take part, so he dropped me off >grumble< an-hour-late >grumble<. We all met up for some dim sum, which I've never had... and could say I still haven't - considering they were pretty much done eating by the time I got there. So Gadget didn't even get all the way home before he had to turn around and come back. It was quite silly, really.

An extra bonus of the day was that I got my YUDU. A friend was selling hers and all the parts for a fraction of the original price and I've been wanting one. Gadget and I talked it over and decided it was worth the investment. Time to get to making some shirts.

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