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Baltimore Aquarium!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

When I found out my aunt and cousin from Ohio were going to the Baltimore Aquarium with my aunt (who lives close to the aquarium) I immediately asked off from work and worked out a way to get up there. I don't say no to an aquarium trip! I probably should have this time...

Back in December, I went on a Friday all by myself. It had been my first visit since I was young. Gadget dropped me off on his way to work and I got there 2 hours before it opened. I was in the aquarium from 10am to 6:30pm. There were a couple families and school field trips there, but overall it was relatively quiet. And when big groups did come by, I could just sit back and wait for them to continue on.

I couldn't do that today. What were we thinking going there at noon in the middle of the week in June!? It was mayhem. Luckily my december trip made me very familiar with the place and we got through in a short amount of time - but not unscathed. I got stepped on and poked in the eye... It was an experience.

1 - The 'shark' in my Aunt's pool // 2 - The harbor // 3 - The Right Whale skeleton

1 - Blue Tang // 2 - The Porcupine Fish that I like to stalk // 3 - My Aunt...
4 - Two resting Nurse Sharks // 5 - Red Tailed Catfish (probably my favorite fresh water fish)

I was playing with different settings on the camera... So most of my pictures came out blurry. And they canceled the dolphin show (which was lame anyway) but what made the whole trip worthwhile was seeing them play - without being forced into a routine.

1 - Dolphin playing with a ball // 2 - A Pirate Ship in the Harbor! // 3 - The roof of a building on the way out of Baltimore.
4 - Giant Panorama that I put together

I had fun - but I won't be going back to the Aquarium until... October at the earliest!

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