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Thrifty Thursday : Scales and Polka Dots

Thursday, May 17, 2012

>gasp< I've visited a thrift store here and there the past couple weeks, but haven't bought anything. I've been looking to expand into new colors in my wardrobe and bag collection. I definitely want to add more solid colored dresses, so when I saw this coral colored dress, I had to have it. I also picked up this polka dot dress that is huge and super long, but I'm excited to take it in and shorten it. I also have plans for the ton of left over fabric from the bottom.

How gorgeous is this bag? I know for a fact that I have very little green in my wardrobe - I own... Uhhh... actually, I don't think I have any green. I have some dresses that have green in them... But I love this bag, and for $6, it is now mine. I was also a bit upset when I got home and realized that one bag that I bought was missing. I guess the lady left it behind the counter (I luckily didn't get charged for it either), but still. I loved that bag - it was a pretty black and white houndstooth purse. Oh well, guess I don't need anymore neutrals.

I haven't talked about it too much thus far on the blog, but sometimes I have a difficult find clothes that fit just right.I'm a bit heavier than I would like, but I am in an awkward size range right now. I've been losing weight, which is great, but my upper section is still quite large. Not only am I wide up top, but I do have a large chest - which stinks when finding adorable dresses. If it weren't for the "girls," I'd be able to fit into a large no problem. But most of the time, these cute dresses that I find are made for girls with no chest whatsoever. >sigh< Oh well, I make due with what I find until I can drop some more weight.

SPEAKING of which, I've lost 22 lbs. Woot!

Happy Thursday!!

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