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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I don't recall if I've mentioned it or not, but my hubby 'Gadget' is the lead artist over at Latman Interactive. It's a small team of artists that make apps for iOS (and sometimes Android). Several other friends of ours work there with him, and they've been hard at work on their newest title: Flap!

Download Flap! HD for iPad // Flap! Homepage // Flap! Facebook Page

Flap! is just pure and simple fun for all ages. Using one finger you can bounce and flap your wings through level after level of challenging gameplay and engaging worlds. How far can you go?

Flap! was released on Thursday - and as someone that has seen it and tested it from the beginning in all it's forms and throughout all its changes, Flap! is a very fun game. It's free until 11:59 PM tomorrow, so go download it. Starting Monday, the iPhone/iPod version will be $0.99, and the iPad version will be $1.99.

Today, we are going to the Towson Mall in Maryland today to show off the game, hand out some merch, and get the word out about the game. We did this at a different mall a few weeks ago, and it seemed to be a big hit.

Here's a bunch of teaser videos and trailers - including one of the gameplay!

If you download the game, make sure to review it on iTunes and tell your friends. And let me know that you downloaded it, I'd love to hear what you guys think! ENJOY!

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