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Thrifty Thursday : Games Not Included

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I went thrifting last weekend because Gadget wasn't home at all and I needed to get out of the house. The Goodwill is only a 15-20 minute walk from my house, so it was great exercise too. A few days later, I popped on into the big store and picked up a few other items. I was nervous when I walked up to the register, cause I knew I had a lot of stuff.

What's great about the big thrift shop is the daily deals. Everything in the store has a colored label - Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow & White. Every day, one of the colors is marked down - and its at random. Well, the other day, THREE of the colors were marked off 50%. I didn't pay attention to it initially, so when my price came up a lot less than expected, I wasn't going to complain.

1 // Boots! Wonderful, wonderful boots - in my size (And Goodwill had marked them a 12... they're only a 9½). BRAND NEW! There were no scratches on the bottom at all. These boots are by Bakers, so I knew they were originally pretty pricey. Looked it up - $80 new. I paid $8.

2 // Boots #2. I can't believe I scored 2 pairs of boots in the same store - both fitting my feet. These are actually marked as a full size below what I normally wear, but they fit perfectly.

3 // These wedges. Marked for $8, but was a 50% off color. WOO! (Original price is $66)

4 // Little jewelry box. I needed a little box for my rings.

5 // Tripod. Extends pretty high. Missing the shoe however. Marked for $9.99 and I couldn't say no (I NEED a tripod) but was 50% off.

6 // These baskets (games not included). $0.96 each. I went to Goodwill looking for baskets/bins to hide non-PS3 games so my entertainment system doesn't look too cluttered.

7 // Denim jacket

8 // Yellow jacket

9 // Flower dress. I have since removed the silly string-ties (will use for something later, of course) and the shoulder pads. I love this dress. I've already worn it - sadly, shrank it a little, but it fits nicely. The pattern is great too.

10 // I love this cardigan. It's WAY too big... silly big really. But I'm going to take it in. I couldn't say no to that Yacht Club embroidery. Especially with the anchor!! ?

Funny story about the dress. I found a similar dress (red with yellow flowers) that I liked, but it was HUGE. I grabbed it and kept looking. I found another dress that I liked, kinda similar, would've needed more work than the first, so I carried them both for a while. Then I found this one... and I put the others back. I fell in love with this dress when I saw it, and knew it needed minimal work.

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