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Off to the Dog Park!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Since moving to the new place, we have a lot more time to dedicate to Snow and doing more fun things with him.  We discovered a dog park VERY close to our house, so this afternoon me and my boys jumped in the car and were off!

Snow of course, had no idea where we were going.  Not that he cares.  If he's riding in the car with his daddy, he's a happy camper!  Snow is a very happy, energetic dog - so it was time to get some of that energy burned off.  He's socialized, but not to the extent that we would like.  So I was a little nervous, but 
Gadget assured me that all would be fine.

We got to the dog park which was located behind this old, run-down barn - which was gorgeous!  Snow, however, was not phased by the barn.  He saw people and got super excited.  He's very loving, and wants nothing more than to greet every person he sees.

This dog park was huge!  Most of the dogs and owners stayed close to the front gate - and Snow followed one Jack Russel into the pool and sprawled out in the water.  White dog + water + dirt = A very happy, dirty dog.  He was filthy by the time we left.  He met a lot of new friends, and did very well.  The gorgeous German Shepherd (his name was Derby) wouldn't leave poor Snow alone.  Derby was getting agitated and a bit aggressive and his owner took him and left - not before Snow got a nice big scratch under his eye.  Poor pup.

I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to - I got dust and gravel in my eye early on and was fighting a very watery eye.  This made it difficult to see through the camera...

But Snow had fun, and that's what counts.  It was great to see him so happy - and not causing as much trouble as I was expecting.  He was exhausted when we got home, and quickly took a nap.  I wish I had my own car so I could take him down there in the afternoons after I get home from work. For now, we'll definitely have to make this a regular weekend trip.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh so cute! Snow is adorable - he's got such a happy face. I love when the 'lips' get into a smile like that - my basset mix has the same kind of thing going on when she gets happy. Dogs at the dog park is such a wonderful experience - I loved taking my corgi as often as I can -it's really funny because he thinks he's SO big. And white dogs in the car is SUCH a problem - we both have black interior and it's a never ending struggle of dog fur. We kind of gave up on it truthfully!


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